Dr. Judith Lynam Presented with the First Janusz Korczak Canadian Social Pediatrics Award

The Janusz Korczak Association of Canada and the Canadian Pediatrics Society Social Pediatrics Interest Group (SPIG) has awarded the inaugural Janusz Korczak Janusz Korczak Canadian Social Pediatrics Award for advancing inter professional and intersectoral relationships to Dr Judy Lynam. The award ceremony concluded the first annual SPIG Summit.  Nearly 50 pediatricians, nurses, public health workers, students and friends met at the newly opened YWCA “Cause we Care” building in the downtown east side of Vancouver for the first preconference of the CPS Social Pediatrics Interest Group.

Judith Lynam is a Professor in the School of Nursing at UBC who began her nursing career in Montreal.  Since 2006 Dr Lynam has led a series of research studies on the RICHER social pediatrics initiative in Vancouver’s inner city.   These studies have identified the key elements that have contributed to the program’s success and evaluated the impact of it on child health outcomes.

Dr. Christine Loock, Dr. Judith Lynam and Dr. Sarah Gander